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Your Path to Business English Fluency

Your learning objectives are to master business English, but after many years of endeavoring to pursue this path, you still face frustration with day to day self expression at the workplace. Perhaps it may be the appropriate time to consider reviewing your learning techniques.


You no longer need to look any further. Let us provide you with a tailored learning environment to meet your learning objectives. At ALEXYS, we believe that the most effective learning technique is to directly engage in conversations and topics which incorporate your daily workplace themes. Why? Because you are already familiar and passionate about these business subjects. 


The key point is not just to engage in simple and basic English conversation, but to utilize your own business environment as a type of classroom. Utilizing this technique may allow you to double or even triple your English learning efficiency. Then, with your new global outlook, your office environment may feel a bit different. At ALEXYS, the objective of our courses in providing business English lessons is for you to advance beyond basic English grammar and vocabulary.


Experienced Business Instructors to Guide Your Path

If you find that your current English lessons are unproductive or if you find that your skill levels are not improving, this may not only be due to your language proficiency level.


Your current English instructor may have very limited sector specialization and business experience. Likewise, they may not appreciate your business demands and could find it difficult to adapt in meeting your language learning hurdles. Hence, it becomes essential for your instructor to possess previous business experience which is relevant to your specialty. And, the application of a focused dialogue utilizing industry specific terminology with your instructor is critical to your language improvement.


Our instructors at ALEXYS possess this appropriate business expertise, and they stand ready to take you to your next level.

Contextual Based Teaching as Your Path to Success

At ALEXYS, our teaching technique emphasizes the utilization of a theme based dialogue which are “contextual based” and relevant to your business field.


In your day to day job, it’s critical to work towards your objectives and to solve problems. At ALEXYS, we also strive to apply a similar thought process towards assisting students to achieve their learning goals.  We endeavor to provide a realistic learning environment – a place where you will be exposed to typical and demanding business conditions. By emphasizing “contextual based” teaching techniques and incorporating realistic business themes, we believe that your language skills will show dramatic improvements in addition to memory retention.


We, at ALEXYS, are pleased provide a structured course selection based on specialized industry subjects which are written by native English speaking business professionals. Our course materials are challenging yet appropriate for your learning experience, which we believe will be intriguing and relevant.




We are now looking for native English speakers having a strong background in banking, accounting or other financial service businesses or IT-related businesses, who are interested in teaching spoken English to the Japanese business persons in these business sectors. Get ALEXYS!