"Mastering Business English is within Your Reach"

Experience the ALEXYS Difference

At ALEYXS, our goal for you is not just to engage in conversational English, but to gain confidence in communicating with your global community. Utilizing realistic business settings coupled with our professional instructors, our courses are designed to help you to optimize your learning experience.

Point #1

Courses with Focused and Relevant Business Themes

At ALEXYS, we strive to provide a structured learning course based on focused business themes, which are directly relevant to your daily workplace. Our course materials are derived from actual business case studies, which are written and coached by native English business professionals. We believe that our course materials will be well suited for your learning experience, while intriguing and relevant to your immediate needs.

Point #2

Professional Instructors with Strong Business Backgrounds

To meet your language objectives, your instructor should ideally possess a strong business background, which is relevant to your profession. At ALEXYS, our instructors possess this skill set and passion, and are in an ideal position to accommodate your day to day business English demands, which in turn will contribute towards a more comprehensive learning environment.


Point #3

"Contextual Based" Learning


At ALEXYS, we strive to provide an integrated approach towards achieving your language goals while utilizing a realistic learning environment, where you will be exposed to typical business conditions. By emphasizing “contextual based” teaching techniques, we believe that our holistic approach can dramatically improve your language skills and increase your confidence level.